Give your email superpowers.

Maskwire is a cloud-based service that adds additional features and security on top of your existing email client, without the need to download additional software.

(now in early alpha)

Some of what maskwire can do for you at a glance

Maskwire works by being in between your email client and email server. It performs advanced tasks that your email client can't do, without the need to install additional software. Have the same rules and setup, no matter if you're on your phone or on your PC!

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Transparently reply from catch-all domains

Your email arrived at [email protected]? Just reply to it, and maskwire will make sure it actually gets sent from [email protected] again.

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Leak protection

Specify secrets like names that you don't want to ever send in an email, and leave it up to maskwire to take them out if you do send them accidentally.

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Smart rewrites

Prefer over, or nitter over twitter? maskwire can take care of that and rewrite URLs in emails you receive automatically.

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Increase security

Hide your Email client agent from headers, load images through a transparent proxy to not expose your IP, automatically sign your messages and much more!

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Built by email-loving power-users

We built maskwire to solve very specific needs that using email across a variety of devices and software left. Maskwire is in active development and new features are added regularly.

Maskwire development follows industry standards in securing and building distributed software applications.

Actively trialed and in-use by us

We use maskwire across all our own devices and workstations, that's how much we trust in what we've built!

Fully encrypted with RSA2048

Sensitive data is always encrypted before being stored can only be read when you yourself are logged in. It's literally impossbile for us to access any of your data without you.

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Give maskwire a try

Join the maskwire beta and influence the direction of the service.